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Insert: An image of a bio-certified fish; courtesy of Deutsche See. . private standards in fisheries and aquaculture and how they affect various.
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Furthermore it is required that all animal manure used for growing products intended directly to human consumption must be composted. The basic ingredients of processed products must be percent of Finnish origin and at least 75 percent of ingredients in total. It is recommended that percent of animal feeds are of Finnish origin. The logo is mainly used on vegetables.

The GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Standard

Therefore, to obtain the certificate under the KEZ Standards, the Operator except for restaurants and retailers must meet the legal provisions and then, in addition, the criteria of these Standards. Certification is carried out by Debio. Areas that are covered in the standards are ideas and aims, environment, conversion, types of wood, forestry in natural areas and forestry in plantations.

They are complimented by several guidelines. They are written in such a way that thex only indicate the differences in text, which are more strict than the Czech Act about organic farming.

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It is necessary to respect basically the law; the Standards are used only as accessory requirements. Standards are revised at present and will be amended when the new Czech law will be ratified in the end of year The scope of standards and certification include crop production, animal husbandry, greenhouses, apiculture, mushroom farming, aquaculture, fishing, production inputs, food processing, recertification, textiles, retail and restaurants. The KRAV standards are revised chapter by chapter and new versions of the standards are published twice a year in Swedish and once a year in English translation.

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Content: 8 chapters on 17 pages. This national program will facilitate domestic and international marketing of fresh and processed food that is organically produced and assure consumers that such products meet consistent, uniform standards. This program establishes national standards for the production and handling of organically produced products, including a National List of substances approved for and prohibited from use in organic production and handling.

This final rule establishes a national-level accreditation program to be administered by AMS for State officials and private persons who want to be accredited as certifying agents. Under the program, certifying agents will certify production and handling operations in compliance with the requirements of this regulation and initiate compliance actions to enforce program requirements. The final rule includes requirements for labeling products as organic and containing organic ingredients.

Fisheries and aquaculture certification - OECD

This final rule also provides for importation of organic agricultural products from foreign programs determined to have equivalent organic program requirements. This program is authorized under the Organic Foods Production Act of , as amended. The software used is based on EPrints Free Software. All complete standards in one table Country.

Although most of the areas of the Act Col. The Codex Committee on Food Labelling developed the Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods in view of the growing production and international trade in organically produced foods with a view to facilitating trade and preventing misleading claims. The Demeter International beekeeping standard is a detailed standard regulating biodynamic beekeeping and the production and preparation of bee products.

The Demeter International standards on production is a comprehensive standard, regulating bio-dynamic agricultural production all over the world. DK Governmental Guidelines for import of organic food products subject to control by the Veterinary and Food Administration The DK Governmental Guidelines for import of organic food products subject to control by the Veterinary and Food Administration, September gives guidelines on import of food products and non-food products containing animal ingredients from third countries outside the EU. The DK Governmental Guidelines on Authorisation as a Organic Enterprise subject to Control by the Plantdirectorate, July gives guidelines for the agricultural supply and nondfood enterprises on how to apply for authorisation by the Plantdirectorate before they may produce, treat, store, import market or export organic products for use in organic agricultural production.

The DK Governmental Guidelines on Import of Organic Products subject to control by the Plantdirectorate of November gives guidelines on the import of organic products from EU approved and non EU approved third countries by agricultural supply enterprises and non-food producers, which are subject to organic control by the Plantdirectorate. DK Governmental Guidelines on organic control for farm supply enterprises and nonfood producers subject to control of the Plantdirectorate, November specifies requirements concerning production lines, transport, goods reception, organic balance, marketing, labelling, export and annual organic control procedures for such enterprises.

The DK Governmental Guidelines on organic agricultural production, October 6, , which supplements the Danish Governmental Order on organic agricultural production etc. DK Govenmental Order no. The DK Governmental Order on organic agricultural production, no. DK Governmental Order no.

The Order includes definitions, rules on production including application and control, management, processing, storage and marketing, transport, import from third countries, conversion, fauna passage, environmental issues and animal health. The DK Governmental Order on organic foods, no. The standards of the Finnish Biodynamic Association are based on the Standards of the Demeter International with some national additions. The standards for processed food products of the Finnish Biodynamic Association are based on the Standards of the Demeter International with some national additions.

FI Governmental Regulation on additives and production aids in processed organic animal products FI Governmental Regulation on propagation materials to be used in organic production FI Governmental guidelines on organic food processing and third-county imports Debio standards for organic aquaculture include general standards for aquaculture and specific standards for producing and wild catching of salmon, cod and perch related fish species.

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