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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing, provides an easy to understand book on the basics of investing and computing, researching your options online.
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You also get a vote in who runs the board. A company sells shares to raise money, rather than borrowing it from a bank. In return for the cash investment, the shareholder usually gets a share of the profits, known as a dividend.

Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

The board decides whether a dividend is going to be paid, if it is financially sound to do so, and how much each share will get. The idea is to make as much money as possible, and there are many ways to do this. Some shares regularly pay out a high dividend, but the actual buying and selling price of each share does not fluctuate much at all. The profit is made when you sell your shares at a higher price than the sum you bought them for. The price of every share goes up and down on a daily basis, but over the long term they should, hopefully, go up.

Worldly events can affect the price of the entire stock market or just some parts of it.

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The financial results of a particular company will affect its value, as will the results of its competitors. When investors are unsettled, it can cause them to sell their shares, and if there are suddenly more shares for sale, this will bring the price down.

The ultimate beginner's guide to trading online

The opposite will occur when things are going well. It helps you understand what type of investor you are to help you decide what to invest in and how best to invest. Fisher and Shelly help you find the right kind of public company to invest in. They give you an overview of mutual funds and exchange traded funds or ETFs and show you how to diversify your stock portfolio. They show you how to get started.

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They tell you how to be a successful investor in good and bad times, how to maximize your gains and minimize your losses and taxes. They give you the tools for investing and how to record and evaluate your overall performance in stock, to learn what is your bottom line rate of return. This is a comprehensive book with lots to learn from it.

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Sarah Young Fisher and Susan Shelly have put a lot of hard, good work in it. This book is well worth its price to buy, read and keep for the long term. It will certainly reap you a high return on your investment.

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