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In a war ridden country a woman watches over the husband reduced to a this paralyzed man unconsciously becomes syngue sabour, a magic stone which.
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A dirty sheet. The woman is seated. Legs pulled up and into her chest.

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Head bundled between her knees. Her dark hair—very dark, and long—flows over her slumped shoulders, echoing the regular movement of her arm. Anyone seeking to understand why Afghanistan is difficult and what decades of violence have done to its people should read this book. Rahimi is a superb guide to a hard and complex land. Rahimi paints this picture with nuance and subtlety…[His] sparse prose complements his simple yet powerful storytelling prowess.

This unique story is both enthralling and disturbing. With an introduction by Khaled Hosseini, this Prix Goncourt-winning book should have a profound impact on the literature of Afghanistan for its brave portrayal of, among other things, an Afghan woman as a sexual being. He reveals to us the violence we are capable of imposing upon ourselves and others both in our personal as well as political and social relations.

In a manner all the more effective because of his stark and compact style, Rahimi recreates for us the texture of such violence, its almost intimate brutality as well as its fragility. Just as remarkable is the fact that although the story happens within the context of a particular time and place, the emotions it evokes and relationships it creates have universal implications and could happen to any of us under similar conditions. But when she rediscovers her voice, she overcomes the chaos. All of the characters in this book remain nameless.

Discuss the significance of this.

Why do you think the author chose not to give them names? At one point she refers to the city as being both deaf and blind. What does she mean by this. The pattern of migrating birds on the curtain fabric is described repeatedly throughout the book. What is the significance of the imagery of birds suspended in flight? At the beginning of the story, the woman is distraught at the prospect of losing her husband. What did she have with him?

The Patience Stone

What is it that she is afraid of losing? The woman begs her husband to come back to life. Discuss the irony of this. Discuss the concept of honor as it is represented in this book.

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For Jihad! Why do you suppose she feels she is owed divine intervention? The woman attempts to inflict pain on her comatose husband by pressing hard on his bullet wounds. Who do you see as suffering the most in this story? At first the woman is devoted to praying for her husband, reading the Koran, and reciting the names of God in her desire to see him healed. But the film sometimes feels as restrictive as the world it depicts. It seeks to find beauty in its bullet-pocked landscape, but too often finds tedium in the process.

The long running time for such a thin, fable-like story is far too punishing for an audience.

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Directed by Atiq Rahimi. In Persian with subtitles. Amidst the violence of war-torn Afghanistan, caring for him becomes a life-threatening burden, but it also grants her the cathartic chance to speak freely for the first time in 10 years of marriage. But the ostensible serenity of the domestic interior is pitted against the sounds of rapid gunfire outside.

The act of talking becomes addictively therapeutic and as she pours her life out to him—her childhood traumas, how she felt when she married him at 17, the pressure from his family to bear him children—she gradually gains a sense of self-possession. Guiding him from virgin to seasoned lover, she tells her husband about each encounter with the tenderhearted boy.

Interview with Golshifteh Farahani

Farahani has an undeniably luminous screen presence, photographing like a perfectly chiseled Greek statue from every angle. But by the second half, the film loses the palpable tension it manages to set up in the beginning.